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Here you can see different designs as thumbnails. We would like to point out that not all designs were created by the MASCH Customer Service Team and are therefore automatically retrievable. However, it is always possible for us to adapt the respective design according to your wishes and to make it available to you for your website, subject to any copyright fees of the designer.

If you simply click with the mouse on the thumbnails, a second window will open in which you can test the design live. When you have checked the design, simply close the window and you are back on this overview page:

Ava Hotel & Suites
Design-ID: AVA

Hotel & Apartments in Zermatt - Hemizeus

 Design-ID: 58807

 Design-ID: 58330

 Design-ID: 57610

 Design-ID: 54792

 Design-ID: 53866

 Design-ID: 58253

 Design-ID: 53027

 Design-ID: 50820

 Design-ID: 50684

 Design-ID: 44197

Design-ID: 42983


Our references in Europe:

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Hotel Erkerhof in Cologne with 'City Design'   Jolimont Apartments in Zermatt
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Hotel Alpina in Grindelwald   Hotel Caprice in Grindelwald
Hotel Bernerhof in Grindelwald   Hotel Sonne Zermatt
Hotel*** Bernerhof in Grindelwald   **** Superior Hotel 'Sonne' in Zermatt
Haus Graven - Ferienwohnungen in Zermatt   Chalet Altesse - Ferienwohnungen in Zermatt
Haus Graven - Ferienwohnungen in Zermatt   Chalet Altesse - *****-Apartments in Zermatt