MASCH Software - CMS Software for Content Management with Online Booking Engine ( IBE ) for Hotels

CM Studio 2020 is the Web Content Management System (CMS) from MASCH Software Solutions.


Content Management System der 9. GenerationCM Studio 2020 helps you to efficiently create and maintain content in text, image, video and other forms.

CMS software in general is mainly used for the management of websites, but also for "offline platforms" in the company's intranet.

MASCH Software Solutions offers you through its multi-platform strategy under Linux, Apple OS/X or Microsoft Windows server any option to use CM Studio 2020 regardless of your operating system structure.

In order to manage WEB content simply and efficiently, many companies today rely on content management systems. Publishers or editorial offices occasionally use systems that are not provided via the Internet, but are operated via their own internal network.

Mostly, however, the term CMS refers to web-based software such as CM Studio 2020 from MASCH Software Solutions with a database connection for operating a website. CM Studio 2020 enables the creation, editing and publishing of content such as texts, images, videos, forms and even entire websites.

What are the advantages of a CMS software like CM Studio 2020?

In general, it is repeatedly claimed that especially operators of smaller websites with a smaller offer should consider well whether they accept the expense of a content management system. In principle, the introduction of a CMS is worthwhile for websites that offer a lot and extensive content. CMS solutions can increase the productivity of a company because content can be managed quickly and flexibly. The users do not need any or only little programming knowledge and do not have to intervene in the code of a website.

CM Studio 2020 combines these features with a very important aspect:

With the different CLOUD editions like CM Studio /PROFI-EDITION or CM Studio /GASTRO-EDITION MASCH Software Solutions combines the advantages of its CMS software with the services of its customer service organization (hosting, creation and maintenance of the 'small' websites by the experts of MASCH) and thus offers an effective use of a CMS also for small and medium-sized businesses, which otherwise shy away from the maintenance effort of their own website. The motto here is: Concentrate on your core business and MASCH will help you to successfully design the online marketing and presentation.

CMS Software - ein Baustein Ihres Online-MarketingsHow does CM Studio 2020 work?

Content management systems and especially CM Studio 2020 can either be installed locally on your own server (in the company) or run on the server of your data center or Internet provider, to which you as a user have access to install the CM Studio software. CM Studio 2020 is developed on the open source technology of PHP and supports either the use of a MySQL database server from Oracle or a MSSQL database system from Microsoft.

CM Studio 2020 is very similar to most CMS solutions and distinguishes between design template and the actual content area.

The design is created by the web professional or MASCH Software Solutions offers an extensive design library from which MASCH customers can select a theme-oriented design template for their website. The maintenance of the individual content components (texts, images, etc.) can be easily defined, edited and flexibly arranged within the design template.

The user can create and edit these building blocks at any time via the integrated WYSIWYG editor and thus design his web pages at will. CM Studio offers the user various access and user rights via the software, so that access to options and areas can be set on a role or group basis.

CM Studio 2020 distinguishes between "administrators" with full access and editing rights, authors and editors who create content (authors) and review or release content (editors), while visitors can only be granted access to content via the system settings. CM Studio 2020 also offers a variety of additional modules such as photo galleries, banner management and form generator, which greatly simplify and accelerate the design of your website.