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Which integrated tools for creating your Website
offers CM Studio /PRO-SERVER 'out-of-the-box'?

The PROFESSIONAL-SERVER is the functional further development of the Community-Edition SERVER*.
The software is dedicated to Internet Professionals and includes all modules of CM Studio /CE-SERVER* and offers additionally the following expansion modules:

CM Studio .OPERATION-MANAGER allows to implement access roles for your team membersCM Studio

...provides advanced approval processes for content processing.

Administrators can work together with editors and proofreaders on the content pages via pre-defined workflows. Workflow shares can be configured in a top-down hierarchy at each page and section level.

CM Studio .OPERATION-MANAGER provides granular security policies to apply rights to pages, modules and folders. You can define which content can be edited and implemented by which employee.


The latest release of the MASCH photo and banner gallery software offers you as a user the possibility to create, edit and extend photo galleries or advertising banners at any time with just a few mouse clicks in order to professionally present current pictures of your products on the website with little effort.


Online-Application-FormCM Studio .FORM

Forms are important for the communication with the visitor of your website.

A form is a standardised tool for collecting data, available either in paper or electronic form (e.g. web form).

As a rule, forms contain short text fields (e.g. "surname", "first name", "address") and simple selection fields (e.g. "married: yes/no").

With CM Studio .FORM, MASCH Software Solutions provides its users with a complete form generator with which you can design any type of form from a simple web form to a complex registration application with logical input checks.


CM Studio bietet die integrierte Suchmaschine für Ihre WebsiteCM Studio /PRO-SERVER offers integrated full text search via Advanced Site Search

The integrated search engine of CM Studio 2020 includes rich query syntax with support for Boolean search, string search, wild card search.


Thus your visitor will find every document that you as webmaster or online author have approved as searchable for full text indexing.

Make it easy for your visitor to find comprehensive information on your website. Customers will love your online presence and this is ultimately positive for your marketing and business success.