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The download of CM Studio /CE-SERVER is for free and priceless at the same time.

Socal Media Keywords


The standard for social media communication

CM Studio .SOCIAL-NETWORK enables companies to quickly set up a specific BLOG forum on a wide variety of topics and to easily integrate employees, customers and visitors of your website into the community communication.

Learn from your customers, their creativity and requirements and integrate them into your business processes in this way.

This increases customer loyalty, lowers service costs and ultimately increases the sales potential of your products, services and the success of your company.

Social networks promote the visibility of your Internet presence

With CM Studio .SOCIAL-NETWORK visitors can turn their "friends" into "subscribers" of your website and thus positively influence the online visibility of your website.


Responsive Design devices to be readyCM Studio combines "responsive" web design with all elements of the mobile SmartPhone application under iOS and Android!

All you need for your responsive basic layout is a "mobile layout extension". SmartPhone-suitable menu structures can be integrated into this extension to facilitate the user guidance of the mobile website for your visitors. This eliminates the need for additional maintenance and creation work for your entire website.

The "Dual Responsive Design Concept" from MASCH Software Solutions is a cost-effective and highly efficient way to make your website "mobile" without having to develop a special "mobile app" and yet you do not have to do without important facets of mobile optimization.

CM Studio features integrated SmartPhone recognition

The integrated SmartPhone detection recognizes more than 600 different SmartPhones by their individual SmartPhone ID and automatically ensures the direct and optimized display of your website for SmartPhone users.

Customer Relation Management in der CLOUD

With CM Studio .CRM the gears of your company mesh effectively and quickly!CRM integrated into your web portal!

Somewhere between the daily chaos consisting of prison notes and Excel spreadsheets and the complex operation of ERP and CRM solutions, small and medium-sized companies in particular today need a simple but online solution for their customer and contact management.

Imagine a web application that delivers all your contact information from names, contacts, phone numbers, addresses, emails, memos to business-critical documents via a simple browser access and also fully supports mobile devices like your iPad, iPhone or Android smartphone.

The CM Studio .CRM database is the first step for you to manage your contact and customer management online from anywhere, anytime.

With the CM Studio .CRM database, you have the possibility to provide your customers with individual and specific sales and marketing services via your web portal. This helps you to build and successfully manage long-term and profitable customer relationships.

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