MASCH Software - CMS Software for Content Management with Online Booking Engine ( IBE ) for Hotels

The success of our partners is also the success of MASCH Software Solutions

The MASCH Partner-Web is focused to the needs of the registered resellers and our authorized partners. MASCH Software Solutions is intended to imroove the know-how of our resellers so that their customers will be capable to use the complete and powerful functionality of the MASCH products. We believe that your success as reseller or system integrator will be the success of MASCH Software Solutions in future and helps us to increase our market awareness.

The vision of the Partner-Web is very easy to describe:

  • Develop and win new business opportunities with software technology from MASCH Software Solutions.
  • Build your expertise in the marketing of CMS, DMS and archiving solutions of MASCH Software Solutions.
  • Increase your commercial and technical know-how through the support of our customer service and our channel marketing team.
  • Expertise for the perfect customer service - Expand your skills with the help of our MASCH Online University and our partner trainings via webinar and/or video training sessions
  • Generate more demand for MASCH solutions at your customers, based on the constantly product innovation of MASCH products.
  • Use our network to other IT vendors and step on our partner events into contact with other manufacturers
  • Standing shoulder to shoulder with you and our partners, we continue to focus on developing innovative solutions for the Internet, which increase the efficiency of your customers and provide a competitive advantage in your business versa your local and regional competitors.

What kind of relationship is right for you?

  • Become a Registered Dealer
    Register here for the MASCH Partner Web and we take care of you!
    Take advantage of the Partner-Web, which offers you a variety of marketing information, as well as free trial versions for a reseller.
    Our channel sales team cares for project requests by phone and you have the opportunity to purchase inexpensive NFR licenses for demonstration use.

  • Become an authorized MASCH specialist and system integrator partners
    With the authorization for the MASCH Partner Network, we offer you as an authorized partner training resources, support, NFR licenses for demonstration purposes and internal use within your organization and the possibility of active representation in the market, supported by our key account management - and this all for one low authorizationpackage price.
    As an authorized partner, you will benefit from the knowledge of experts at MASCH Software Solutions. You will learn proven methods, accelerate your work with MASCH products.

  • Become a Development Partner
    The development partner provides interfaces and integration modules e.g. for CM Studio. E-ARCHIVE to improove integration features of the MASCH application to third-party providers of e.g. collaboration software. The Development Partners have access to API documentation and source code for linking its technical interfaces and requires authorization by the developer training program from MASCH Software Solutions.