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Document Management in the Cloud

MASCH Software Solutions brings your file management into the digital and legally compliant Document Cloud

The digital archiving applications of MASCH Software Solutions (CM Studio .E-ARCHIVE, CM Studio .DMS-SERVER and CM Studio .ECM-SERVER) offer the user a multitude of possibilities how digital document management can be easily and efficiently integrated into the daily work process. On this page we have listed various application examples from invoice management to inbox management to file management and e-mail archiving and explain how these tasks, including the important aspect of secure archiving of documents and e-mails, can be solved individually and adaptably for each company.


Document management with MASCH softwareReceipt of invoice

An incoming invoice passes through different departments and different locations within a company, before it will be stored in final folder archive at the bookkeeping department. But even at small businesses invoices must be a checked, approved and booked, before they will be paid. In regular, those different processes will be done from different people at different departments and workplaces. Independent of the companies size, the invoice approval process is very labor intensive and takes effort and time. Defining an integrated invoice receipt workflow by CM Studio .DMS-SERVER, the application will allow you to improove the throughput and to reduce processing times significantly. Incoming invoices and receipts are automatically captured and identified and forwarded to the appropriate employee.

Optimal control with automated workflows

Primarily CM Studio .DMS-SERVER provides secure mechanism, that no document will be lost on the way from the mail-entrance to the final filing place, because of being misplaced or forgotten by the operator. The smart control notification and the reminder managmeent of documents ensures the workflow and ensures a 'Just -in-time' processing. invoices are passed individually through a pre-defined work process or to the appropriate operator within the department and forwarded from there to release on to the next point by a few mouse clicks.

The cost / benefit analysis by using CM Studio .DMS-SERVER is quickly done. The expenditure for the invoice data and the associated lead times are reduced significantly. While for larger companies it is often times the goal to reduce work process costs and to increase the process and data quality, especially for small and medium sized businesses it is basically more important to secure the document wokflow and to shorten payment procedures and to make the business process more reliable and flexible. In short words: CM Studio .DMS-SERVER enables each company to retain its position in the invoice at a glance.

All common ERP systems, such as Lexware, Microsoft and Sage can be logical linked to the CM Studio .DMS-SERVER with easy to handle integration steps. Additional correspondence, such as documents or e-mails are stored associated with the invoice documents. 



The processing of incoming mail throughout each company is very labor intensive but plays an important role for the business itself. The incoming mail will be opened and sorted by the individual or responsibilities of individual departments. It is often mistakenly assumed by users of digital document management, that with the introduction of a DMS solution by scanning the mail and invoice receipt, a considerable additional effort to be made. With respect to the use of CM Studio .DMS-SERVER, this is definitely wrong. The scanning process replaces the classical distribution of documents by using mail-folders etc.' and this does not generate any additional time lecks.

The incoming mail is not indexed immediately after scanning through the distributing employees. The employee will choose when scanning documents only the destination folder of the document, as he has done this in the traditional paper version as well by selecting the right mailbox folder. The automatic import and monitoring function of the CM Studio .DMS-SERVER then initiates the editing process in the respective department or by the appropriate employee. In each case the responsible employee will be notified of the receipt of documents by e-mail. The indexing and the assignment of documents is very similar to the classical operations of the office-clerk done at the entrance workplace. 

Finally, here is the philosophy of MASCH Software Solutions for the entire CM Studio product family:

We are intended that the user can continue his individual way of workflow 1:1, only the storage of documents will be managed digital instead of analog.


Filemanagement in the secure cloud

Record Management

The record management is the central hub for all the information about a job or business process. The folder-based file management in the CM Studio .DMS-SERVER structures all relevant information such as correspondence, personal documents and evidence associated with a business process and stored in a file archive.

The classic folder here is a virtual instrument to link documents and/or electronic information together. Any information in paper form will be scanned, recognized, converted into electronic PDF-documents and classified by the indexing process so that the information through this process of virtual "filing" can be supplied to the user.

The greatest advantages, especially for small businesses and self-employed and freelancers are obvious: 

  • Familiar workflows like paper-based - Working with the folder and file management is closely modeled on the classic work on paper-based way, so notes can be attached to a file or receive operations, for example, a stamp in the form of comment fields. File plans can be stored in an intuitive filing in the form of archives, cabinets, folders and registry. It does not matter how the files are stored: systematically, chronologically, alphabetically or numerically. A user can easily navigate through a file plan and quickly find the relevant file that can be made in addition to a document number in the appropriate color.

  • Quickly learn how to use CM Studio .DMS-SERVER through simple and intuitive user interface

  • High employee acceptance - CM Studio .DMS-SERVER also has a powerful search engine available to do research in all documents efficiently. The integrated user and rights management ensures that each employee can only just see and edit the files and documents which are intended for his use.